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IR SERVE is an Authorized Contractor in the BlockWallScanIR Network.  We have received intensive training and certification in the infrared scanning of CMU / Blockwall Construction.  As a result, our clients receive the highest quality inspections and reports available in the industry!
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You might think that the only way to know whether the grouted cells, bond beams, insulation and other components of a CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) wall are properly placed, is to open the wall with hammer or drill, where the grout or insulation is supposed to be and see if it is there.

There is a  better method that is accurate, non-destructive and inexpensive.  BlockWallScanIR infrared testing method can be performed at any time during the construction process without interrupting any other trades or affecting the progress of the rest of the building.

Structural problems in a CMU building are a real problem. If the wall receives a trauma like a hurricane force wind or tornado and customers or workers inside the building are harmed, the legal ramifications can be devastating. A forensic examination of a block wall laid on the ground, post-event, will most likely reveal some structural deficiencies. The building owner, architect, structural engineer, general contractor and masonry contractor can be held accountable if and when these deficiencies are documented.

Two benefits result from having a BlockWallScanIR infrared test performed on your newly constructed CMU walls. First, a documented record of the grouted cells and other structural components (in-situ) is created. Secondly, when and if deficiencies are found, a report can be generated so that corrections can be made with surgical precision.
The owner gets what he paid for and the designers can 'literally' see that their specifications have been followed.

Block Wall Scan
Block Wall Scan
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