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Quality and Customer Satisfaction are objectives we take
very seriously.  We love to hear from customers about
their service experiences and appreciate their
encouragement and comments!
Equine IR:
"I received the reports and they are awesome!  Thank you so much.  It is very interesting to read and makes so much sense to me.  Now my trainer and I are taking the next steps to help Allie."   Amanda Marcus
"My horse was examined and they found a bulging disc in his back where the IR image showed a hot spot."  Mark Fox
Before Scan:
"I am interested in having a scan of my horse that has been having leg issues for 5 months.  After spending $3500 on diagnostics we still have no answer as to where the problem is.  I was told not to spend any more money and get another horse or get a $3500 MRI.  Currently she can't do anything other than walk.  She is my baby and I am devastated.  Out of funds and emotions high, could you give me an idea of cost?  Thank you."
After Scan:
"I wanted to thank you for coming out and scanning 'Sally'.  The interpret was very enlightening, it makes the puzzle pieces fit."   Joanne Meissner
"Your report on our roof condition is great!  I knew there was trouble and your report clearly indicates the problem areas.  This will help me in my decision-making and discussions with roofing contractors.....thank you."  Mark J.
"We have a 100,000 SF single-ply roof that was leaking quite a bit and we were about to replace it when at the last minute we decided to get an infrared survey. As it turned out, only 4 percent of the roof was wet underneath. We replaced the membrane and a few areas that were wet (one large one and about 15 small ones). We calculated that we saved over half of the original estimate by doing an IR survey...."
"Thank you very much for your extensive and detailed report! I will definitely recommend your outstanding work to all of my friends. The reports basically gave a roadmap to the couple of contractors that I had bid on the repairs. I selected the company that I thought offered the best value (about $950 for added insulation, weatherstripping and caulking) and they were amazed that every spot you showed had a problem right there. So, in total I spent about $1400, I calculate that I will save that in 18 months in utility bills, plus, the drafts that we had in the living room and kitchen have disappeared. With great thanks and regards."
"We checked the walls and found many small, but very important problems in the mason's work. He paid for the infrared and fixed the problems."  Don Fargo, McGrady Construction
"This is the best engineering report we have seen in many years.  The work was done quickly and the report was stunning."  Sam Davis, Wiley Construction
"Over the past 12 years, we have surveyed the CMU walls of over fifty buildings in the State of Florida alone.  Given the propensity for storms and hurricanes and the proximity of many of our stores to the coastline, it is a good feeling knowing that we have built a solid building for our customers and associates."  Rich Harmen, KMart Corporation
"We thought we had problems with the thermal envelope in the building. After the thermographers arrived, within minutes we knew exactly where they were."  Sam Jones, WY Hospitals

Thank you, very much, for your interest in IR SERVE professional infrared services! 
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