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IR SERVE is an Authorized Contractor in the DataCentIR Network.  We have received intensive training and certification in the infrared scanning and mapping of Data Centers.  This technology is truly a breakthrough in efforts to achieve optimal Air Management and Energy Conservation!
IR SERVE  has always offered professional IR P/PM services to data centers.  

Working with our partners at  DataCent IRwe are now offering  

complete 3D Thermal Mapping of Data Centers!

Thermal mapping is a new approach to capturing the full thermal condition of a data center

and all of its equipment. The key advantage is that it is now possible to get an overall view

of the thermal condition of the entire room for a given point of time while having the capability

to zoom-in on specific problems.


This is very different from more traditional methods because it allows overall context and

viewpoint selection, much like one gets with CFD modeling, but this is actual thermal imagery!
For example, reports can demonstrate how a local thermal pattern visible in one aisle is actually

the sign of a cooling air blockage across several aisles. When the overall layout of the servers,

floor, walls and ceiling is available, what appears to be good thermal performance in one image

may actually be wasteful excess cooling when the entire thermal map is analyzed. These problem

areas are easy to see only with the overall image.
White Paper:
To see detailed animated visuals, please go to our partner site:    DataCentIR
Then call IR SERVE for a quote on a Thermal Map of your data center.