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IR SERVE is an Authorized Contractor in the EquineIR Network.  We have received   intensive training and certification in the infrared scanning of horses by the Industry's foremost leader.  As a result, our clients receive the highest quality inspections and reports available in the industry!


Whether you are buying or selling a horse, or would like to perform a
routine diagnostic scan, EquineIR is a valuable tool for assessing your
horse's health and preventing further injuries.
Before Equine Thermography, Veterinarians could only locate problems using traditional methods such as observation and palpation or expensive tests that required the transport of the horse. Now, using advanced EquineIR thermography, abnormalities can be detected even before damage occurs. This methodology has been developed and refined over the past twenty-five years and has been proven to be an effective imaging technique for the following:
  • Pre-Purchase
  • Hoof Balancing
  • Inflammation
  • Saddle Fit  
  • Pre-Event Imaging 
  • Muscle / Nerve Injury 
  • General Diagnostics & Preventive Medicine
Saddle Fit
A horse's saddle should fit correctly and have even bearing on the horse's back. Our Saddle-Fit thermal scans will assess the load and pressure-bearing signature of the saddle upon the horse's back.  This imaging can be extremely helpful in alleviating unnecessary discomfort and irritability for the horse and the rider.
  • Non-Invasive, passive and completely safe - no harmful radiation
  • Full Horse Scans usually take about 15 - 20 minutes to complete
  • Full Horse and Saddle Fit Scans can be combined to save you money
  • Imaging is done at your location or your veterinarian's location, so you don't have to transport horse
  • Costs are very reasonable
  • Multi-Horse discounts and ongoing imaging programs are available
  • With our InterpretIR service, reports are reviewed and interpreted by an Equine Veterinarian specialized in Equine Infrared Thermography. 
  • Our EquineIR Network is an Official Vendor Partner of the 2010 World Equestrian Games
Sample Report
Injuries Revealed by Infrared Scan:
                        Cannon Bone Fracture                      Hoof Injury                           Nerve Damage
                                             Right Side Fracture                         Left Side Fracture
IR SERVE Services The Entire Midwest Region!
(certain travel fees may apply for non-local clients)
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